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Special Collection

Data for Psychological Research in the Educational Field

Collection launched: 12 Dec 2022

This Special Issue is devoted to psychological research data in the educational field. Research on educational topics is conducted not only in psychology, but in many different disciplines, like pedagogy, linguistics, sociology, political science, economics, or even history. These diverse research communities contribute a multitude of research data that are increasingly available for secondary research and that cover the whole lifespan from early childhood development through school and university education to lifelong learning in adults. Some studies are well-known and used in many contexts, like data from international, large scale assessment studies such as PISA, TIMSS, and PIRLS and panel studies such as SOEP and NEPS. However, many more high-quality datasets exist which are not yet well-known. This special issue provides the opportunity for primary researchers to introduce their outstanding datasets to the community and describe their potential for secondary analyses. The issue further acts as an invitation to secondary researchers to realize this potential. In accordance with the scope of the JOPD, we hope to reward authors for sharing datasets according to FAIR principles, providing structure for the data and papers to be citable, and for reuse to be tracked.

Editors: Sonja Bayer, Katarina Blask, Timo Gnambs, Malte Jansen, Débora Maehler, Alexia Meyermann, Claudia Neuendorf